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Get a gel for the treatment of varicose veins in Slovenia, the manufacturer offers on the official website. Thanks to direct deliveries of the innovative product, the price of the gel remains acceptable - 39€. After filling out a simple online application form, you get guarantees of original quality and urgent delivery of the medicine. If you enter the name and phone number of the recipient today, you will participate in a promotion according to which the price of the product will be reduced by 50%.

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Variconis gel for the treatment of varicose veins is one of the last drugs in Slovenia to appear in the medical arsenal. The pharmacological form is well chosen, since dagel is invisible on clothes, which means that the product is great for everyday use, regardless of lifestyle and social status. The main advantage is a good combination of unique components, each of which has a positive effect on the pathogenesis.

Variconis - gel for the treatment of varicose veins

Variconis gel for the treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins are a peripheral vascular disease that affects up to 35% of women under the age of 40! This percentage is lower among men - 27%. However, every patient has a real threat of serious complications, if the early stages of this pathology are not treated, at first they resemble only cosmetic problems. Variconis gel for the treatment of varicose veins has a clinically proven mechanism of action. The natural composition, ease of use and most importantly - the effectiveness of the product make it the leading drug in the fight against dangerous pathology!

The official website of every health regulator records the danger of varicose veins, the spread of which largely explains the rhythm of life of modern people. At the same time, the mechanism of trophic changes on vascular walls remains one of the poorly studied areas of medicine. However, inactive, inactive lifestyle, unbalanced diet, leading to a lack of rare earth mineral elements in the body, lack of effective preventive measures and genetic predisposition are the main prerequisites for the onset and development of the disease. Additional adverse factors that trigger the problem development mechanism have been identified:

Early problems with the superficial veins of the legs are manifested by discomfort and obvious signs. You should pay attention to your health and order a gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis, when at least one condition from the following list is manifested:

A clear sign that characterizes the progression of the disease remains the characteristic "vascular network" - an increase in blood vessels and an increase in the intensity of their staining. The price you pay for an effective Variconis gel is hundreds of times less than the cost of treating varicose veins in any of the advanced stages!

What happens if you don't buy Variconis and start acting right away?

The varicose vein gel is an effective and timely measure for varicose veins. The natural local remedy will alleviate unpleasant sensations, swelling and pain, smooth out unpleasant cosmetic imperfections. If you ignore the alarming symptoms and start varicose veins:

Variconis vascular disorders of circulation with varicose veins

Thus, experts in the fight against the problem solve several problems: eliminating inflammation and activating metabolic processes, alleviating the pain syndrome, restoring trophic patency of damaged blood vessels, as well as strengthening vascular walls. Conservative treatment of varicose veins is carried out with the use of local means that locally affect the focus of inflammation. The natural gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis is a drug of complex action that is prescribed as an independent agent or a leading component in the scheme of medical therapy.

Variconis benefits

Variconis pattern of action

The active ingredients of the preparation are natural extracts of rare herbs, carefully selected in laboratory conditions as the most effective elements in the fight against varicose veins. As a result, the drug is obtained in a suitable pharmacological form that relieves stress. It eliminates the syndrome of swelling and pain, promotes the activation of blood circulation and nutrition of damaged areas, natural removal of standing locations, as well as resorption of aesthetically unattractive vascular networks.

Variconis gel composition

The complex action of Variconis is the result of a balanced composition. The gel includes extracts of medicinal plants such as:

Composition of lavender angustifolia varicose gel

Variconis varicose vein gel is a unique combination of herbal ingredients that has a proven clinical effect. Laboratory tests in Slovenia among patients with stages 1 and 2 of varicose veins aged 27 to 72 years showed the effectiveness of the drug in 97% of cases. The drug has received official approval from the International Association of Phlebologists, and the National Health Centers recommend it as a local drug with proven efficacy.

Say no to varicose veins! at a stage where you can effectively influence the course of the disease! Order Variconis at a good price 39€ (see the price in other countries) from the official supplier of the manufacturer (Slovenia)!

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